Pets Portraits


Westland Portraits offers a unique approach to the traditional studio setting. Portrait sessions are shot on location, at the client's home, or in our studio. 


Pet portraits can be challenging but at Westland Portraits, so we take the same special care with your pets as we would with your children.  Sometimes we’ll need your help to get them to look toward the camera or reward them with special treats.

We’ll try to make the session fun for your little (or big) ones!

Many of our clients commission an artistically enhanced version of their pet’s portrait for presentation on canvas. Canvases can be finished three ways, traditional for custom framing, in a “floating” frame ready to hang, or as a gallery wrap (which can be hung without a frame for a more contemporary look). Whichever you choose, you can be confident that your pet’s portrait will be a beautiful work of art that you will cherish for many years!


Pricing The Photo Session:

Westland Portraits charges a sitting fee.  Proofs will be submitted to the client within one week at which time final selections will be made. All final photos will include professional retouching.

The session fee(s) are due at the time of your photo session(s) 

Session Fee is $70.00 of which you receive 1 unit towards your print or package order.





Many of our packages and reprints are based on units. Each unit is a 8x10 in actual size. Different sizes are available for you to choose from. Each unit must be the same pose.

Units are the best way to get the best value.


A single 8"x10" OR  two 5"X7" OR  four 3.5"x5" OR  8 Wallets   




Silver Session Package (Max 3 poses) $99.00

4-5"x7" portraits

8 wallets from one pose

Units only $25.00 from same pose in this package




Gold Session Package (Max 5 poses) $369.00

4-5"x7" portraits

2-8"x10" portraits

8 wallets from one pose

4"x6" presentation album with 20 of your favorite proofs

11"x14" Gallery framed 8"x10" portrait

Units are only $20.00 each in this package


Platinum Session Package (unlimited poses) $599.00

8-5"x7" portraits

2-8"x10" portraits

8 wallets from one pose

4"x6" presentation album with 20 of your favorite proofs

16"x20" Gallery Framed 11"x14" portrait

Units are only $15.00 from same pose in this package



A La Carte Reprints:

4"x6"   $10.00

5"x7"   $20.00

8"x10" $30.00

9"x12" $40.00

11"x14"  $139.00 Mounted

12"x18"  $159.00 Mounted

16"x20"  $219.00 Mounted

18"x24"  $299.00 Mounted

20"x30"  $399.00 Mounted

30"x40"  $549.00 Mounted


8"x10" Magazine Cover Pose  $40.00


Canvas, Metal,and Acrylic Mounts available upon request



Taxes are addition to all prices.




Studio policy: 

Photo’s or partial orders can not be delivered without your balance paid in full.


You may have heard about copyrights or intellectual property rights but what does this have to do with your portraits?  Actually, copyrights have a lot to do with any photograph taken by a professional photographer. 

The nature of a copyright is to protect work-product that was created by someone, so that the artist (or in this case the photographer) can control the use of their creative work and protect their work from unlawful reproduction.  

High resolution digital files  have replaced negatives in our digital world and they can easily be copied.  So why do professional photographers resist giving you a copy of those files?  It’s about controlling the final product. A typical one hour lab can reproduce the images for you but the final photograph may have a slight blue, green or magenta cast to it, based on the technical expertise of the person operating the printer. The quality of the paper that is used may also be a factor; typically, one hour labs use lightweight, glossy paper where a professional lab will use a pearl finish or textured paper that will enhance the image and reduce fingerprints. So while you may have the digital files you might not get the same quality photographs that are offered by your professional photographer All of our proofs & prints are protected under federal copyright laws. ALL of our 5x7 and larger prints are hand signed by the artist/copyright holder. Duplication of our images in any form without written permission is a federal offense. And will result in up to $10,000 in fines and/or imprisonment. Please do not copy/scan our work for any reason including website use



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