Natural. Feminine. Beautiful. A woman with child is truly a miracle of life. Some women like to be photographed by themselves or with younger children, while others choose to wear a white or pastel gown, or even have their belly shown. Regardless of how you choose to be captured, celebrate your pregnancy & miracle within.


Our dedicated staff will welcome you to our studio while making you feel at ease during your session. When deciding how revealing your session will be, remember we will take the utmost care in preserving your privacy. We limit the number of trained professionals to only the number required at your session. Our experienced photographers are skilled in the most flattering way to photograph mother with child, so put your trust in us.

It's best to be photographed in your 7th month of pregnancy.

Undergarment Recommendations:
For pregnant Mother & Child portraits, we recommend natural colored underwear and bras. Avoid prints and colors.
For nude pregnancy portraits, make sure underwear is below your belly, and do not wear a bra to avoid elastic and strap marks, prior to coming to our studio.