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  Seniors Portrait Prices and Product Catalog

                                               The A to Z guide for planning your once in a lifetime senior portrait purchase. 

                                                                                        Prices Effective 2012





Welcome and Thanks

Welcome to Westland Portraits. I would like extend our sincere appreciation for you having selected Westland Portraits  to create your senior portraits. Rest assure we'll do everything possible to prove you made the right choice.


This booklet details pretty much everything youll need to know about your senior portrait experience, but if you have questions not covered here please do not hesitate to call or email. Our contact information is at the bottom of each page.

We will make every effort to create the kind of senior portraits both you and your parents will be thrilled with. You‟ll have these portraits for the rest of your life so we want to be sure you‟re totally happy with them.


Image Catalog. If there‟s anything you don‟t like about your images please let us know as soon as possible after picking up your Image Catalog. Most, if not all of your concerns can and will be corrected in the finished portraits. Some of the most common worries are listed below;

Blemishes, acne, scars, moles, dark circles under the eyes and other skin imperfections.


 Virtually anything having to do with your skin can and will be corrected on your final portraits—and at no extra charge. (Exceptions are peeling sunburned skin and five o‟clock shadow)

Stray hairs In studio you‟ll always have the option to check your hair before each portrait to make sure it‟s how you want it. Outside that‟s not always possible. Small stray hairs that bother you can be fixed if you let us know when you place your order.


The images in your catalog appear too light, too dark, or slightly off color. The Image catalog pictures are intended for making pose selections only and have not been fully color-corrected. All finished portraits will be adjusted for perfect color. Please let us know if you have specific concerns regarding your images.


Your expressions aren’t what either you or your parents want (i.e.too serious, too smiley, fake grin, squinty eyes, etc…) We typically try to get a variety of expressions in your portraits, but if we didn‟t get the right mix for you, we‟ll be glad to do more images to your liking.


Really bad weatherIf it‟s crazy windy or pouring buckets the day of your session we‟ll gladly find another time for your outdoor images. We will always complete the indoor portion of your portrait session.Totally wrong clothes or hair. .Sometimes what you think is going to work doesn‟t. If it was all wrong and your friends and family agree, it‟s best to have more images created. Let us know your concerns—we‟re here to help.


Call us as soon as possible after picking up your Image Catalog and tell us what you‟d like to see different; the more specific the better. We‟ll discuss your needs and get a time on the calendar to create more images.

                                                                            Westland Portraits | 58 Santa Maria St. | Palm Springs, Ca. (2264 | 760 459-7753



Copyright & Artist’s Signature



The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the creator of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce prints from the original image. This includes the right to control the making of copies.

It is illegal to copy or reproduce any photographs created by this studio - anywhere else, including home scanning, without our written permission. Violators of this Federal law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.


The most frequent request is for graduation announcements / party invitations. Since we offer three different kinds of announcements / invitations, we do not grant copyright releases for graduation announcements.


Please call if you have questions. Thank you!


Artist Signature

As with any other art piece, all of the portraits created by this studio are signed by the artist.  


All images from wallet size up to and including our Credenza size portraits will receive the artist’s “digital” signature.  Hallway size and larger portraits will be personally signed by the artist.




Artist’s Choice     -     $200   

The Artist’s Choice is our most inclusive portrait session and includes two full hours of photography time. In studio we’ll create full color, black and white, sepia and high fashion images. Bring more outfits than you think you’ll need and we’ll help you pick and choose. Every time you change outfits we’ll change backgrounds and lighting.

For your outdoor images you can choose any other location within ten minutes of our studio—even your own backyard. This session offers the ultimate in flexibility and variety.



Senior’s Choice     -     $150


The Senior’s Choice includes all of the creativity found in the Artist’s Choice but in a slightly abbreviated format. Bring a bunch of outfits and we’ll create images in the studio and on the streets of downtown Palm Springs. A ninety minute session that can accommodate four to six different outfits.



Basic     -     $100


The Basic Session is just that—the basics. This sixty minute session includes in-studio portraits only. Bring something more formal as well as a few casual outfits and we’ll help you pick the best two or three. A great session if you only need a few images and you want to be in and out in an hour.



Outdoor Options :



Home Turf

Have a favorite tree you always climbed as a kid? If your home architecturally awesome? Is your bedroom the coolest place on earth? Then why not have some images made right at home? What could more “personal” and unlike anyone else‟s images.





Viewing Your Originals

The Image Catalog- a Westland Portraits exclusive.


Digital photography has changed forever the way we capture and view pictures. Gone are the days where you left the studio with a portfolio of “proofs”. While many studios have switched to on-line or CD viewing of the original images our clients told us they still wanted something they could hold in their hands to look at. Something they didn‟t have to sit in front of a computer to see.

Hence our original Image Catalog.


Color printer technology allows us to create a product with all of your original images printed four to a page. Bound in a magazine style format you can take your original images home for a week to ten days to view and ponder in the comfort of your own home.

A non-refundable advance, 100% of which goes towards your finished order, is paid to take the catalog home from the studio. Your advance is based on your session. The advance is $500 if you had the Artist‟s Choice session; $400 for the Senior‟s Choice; and $300 for the Basic session advance.

The catalog is allowed out of the studio for one week at which time you come back to place your finished portrait order.


Image Projection

We also offer the option of making your selections in our studio. An appointment is scheduled for you to come in along with anyone else who‟ll want to offer input on the poses you choose. We project your images on the wall at life size and go through them one at a time.


Projection appointments are limited to one hour and all decisions must be made on the day of your projection. No first view images leave the studio with a projection appointment. Half of your total order is due the day of the projection




                                                                      Westland Portraits | 58 Santa Maria St. | Palm Springs, Ca. (2264 | 760 459-7753 .





Cropping & Color Matching

Color Matching

The pictures in your Image Catalog do not contain the full quality and refinement you can expect in your finished portraits. They have not been retouched (except for your Artist’s Choice images) and they have not been fully color-corrected and density balanced to our exacting specifications.

Professional color labs print different size portraits on different printers and it’s not always possible to have absolutely perfect color match from size to size. All of your prints will be very close in color and certainly within our acceptable tolerances—if not, we have them reprinted. Please be sure to ask if you have questions about this.





What you see is what you get:  Each of your images was composed in the camera exactly as I envisioned it. What you see in your portfolio is what you will get in your finished portraits. 

If you wish to have an image cropped “tighter” to show less background, please let us know when you place your order. While we don’t always recommend this, in certain instances it is possible to crop an image tighter with no noticeable loss in image quality.


Where’s the top of my head 

It is entirely acceptable to crop off the top of your head in close-up im-ages, especially horizontal poses. This is just one of our photographic styles and not a mistake or a defect; it‟s done on purpose to draw attention to your eyes and expression.                                                                                                                                                          


Retouching & Finish Options


Portrait Retouching 


Every finished portrait you order—including your wallets, will be completely retouched and enhanced. At Westland Portraits there are no additional charges for any type of retouching. Braces removal, tan lines, stray hairs, glasses glare, blemishes, eye bags, scars - it‟s all in-cluded. Your finished portraits will be as perfect as we can make them. However, there are some things you should keep in mind; 


a. Glasses glare is probably the most difficult retouching to make look natural. If you will be wearing glasses in your portraits we suggest you visit your optometrist and have them remove the lenses prior to your session. 


b. All a-la-carte and package portrait prices include retouching for one person in the image. If there is more than one person in the image, and you want everyone retouched, there is an additional charge of $10.00 per person retouched. 


c. Retouching is at our discretion. While it is possible, we do not switch heads, change backgrounds, or remove parts of the image, with-out an additional charge. Also, beard lightening / five o‟clock shadow and peeling sunburned skin are not included without an additional charge as you have control over these items. 




Portrait Finishes 


You may choose from three different finish options for your Senior portraits. Both finishes receive the same care in retouching and print en-hancement. 


The Gallery Wrap portrait is actually printed on canvas material. The canvas is then wrapped around an inch and a quarter thick stretcher frame. A Gallery Wrap portrait is meant to be displayed without framing and creates a very modern look.


The Imperial Sovereign portrait is first custom printed by the finest printer in the market. Next, the emulsion is carefully adhered to artist‟s canvas and the canvas then mounted on masonite. Finally the portrait is covered with a high gloss lacquer. 


The Marquis portrait again, receives the same careful printing. It is mounted on either masonite or art board and lacquered. 




Framing Options


We have expanded our line of frame choices and now have over 150 different frames for you to choose from. Every-thing from classic gold and traditional oak and walnut to contemporary silver and white. 

And remember, at Westland Portraits the actual framing is included, as a service to our clients. Your framed images will come complete with backing paper and hanging wire. We do not put glass in our framed images as they are protected with lacquer and can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. 

We will assist you in the selection of the appropriate frame/molding size for each of your portraits. Prices are de-pendant on the molding size and the supplier and we will quote you a price at the time of your order. 

If you choose your frame at your initial ordering ap-pointment your image will be framed and ready to display when you pick up your order. All frames are custom ordered and take from two to four weeks for delivery. 


11 x 14 frames - $65 and up 


16 x 20 frames - $82 and up 


20 x 24 frames - $95 and up 





Mat and Frame Combination



8 x 10 

11 x 14 

16 x 20 










Choose from a wide variety of mat color com-binations to match any portrait or décor. The final artistic touch for your favorite portrait. 

*(prices do not include portraits) 








Portrait Order Bonuses 


We‟ve upgraded our bonus options and added even more. 


A Family Portrait 

Every Westland Portraits senior receives a complimentary family portrait session with their completed portrait order. 

In a park, at your house, or in the studio you won‟t pay a session fee. 

$150 value 



Facebook Friends 

Within 36 hours of your session we‟ll post two of our favorite im-ages to our Facebook album. 

*(requires that we are “Facebook Friends”) 



Orders of $700+ 


10” x 15” Senior Year 


Countdown Calendar 

With your portrait order of $700 or more you‟ll receive this cool locker calen-dar so you can count down the days to freedom. 

$100 value 



Facebook Slideshow 

When you pick up your Image Catalog you‟ll see an incredible slideshow of many of your images. With your order of $700+ we‟ll post a link to that slideshow on our Facebook page. You‟ll become instantly famous. 


Incredible Value 

*(requires that we are “Facebook Friends”) 





A-la-carte Portrait Prices



We offer a-la-carte pricing for our clients that only need one portrait and

a few wallets. With a-la-carte pricing you can get exactly what you need

and nothing extra.