The Preview Session


This session takes place approximately within 1 week after your portrait session.  I meet with each of my clients and go through the portrait session with them – helping them to make their purchasing decisions.

I am happy to announce that now we are offering our Preview Sessions on the BIG SCREEN!  The very first time you see your portraits from your session, you will see them in a slide show presentation set to music.  I promise to have tissues handy in case the tears start rolling (which they often do!)

After that we will go through your session one photo at a time and choose your favorites and eliminate ones you are not interested in purchasing – unless of course you want them all!  hahaha. 

During the elimination process we can go view your portrait side by side to help you decide which is your favorite.  The ones that you want to eliminate will go into a separate section (no panicking at this point because we can ALWAYS bring back those photos if you change your mind!    

Prior to your Preview Session, I will have asked you to bring several snapshots of areas in your home where you plan on displaying your final portraits.  Each of these photos should include a ruler or preferably a yard stick somewhere in the picture! 

This enables us to show you EXACTLY how your final portraits will look in your home.  Here is a sample – the same photo displayed over a mantle at different sizes…

I try to make it fun and easy to choose your portraits!  (Although I do often get the complaint that I made it so difficult because they want them all!